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The Steps to a Successful Project
The Town Supervisor had given approval for the librarian to begin the process of renovating the town library. The librarian hired a qualified architect but both were not familar with the laws in New York that required all public projects to go out to public bid. The Town Supervisor realized that the direction of the project may be headed in the wrong direction so she gave White Birch a call to see if we could help.
White Birch jumped in and worked with the team on a path forward. A schedule was developed to help keep the team on track (click here to see it). Because the architect was unfamilar with public bidding procedures he graciously bowed out of the program and was paid for work to date. Here began the some of steps of the project where White Birch added to the team that made the project a success:
1. White Birch developed an RFP for AE Services and led the evaluation and contract negotiations.
2. White Birch led the biweekly design meetings and distributed minutes in order to keep the project on track.
3. White Birch provide an early Schematic Estimate and revised it to a Design Development estimate as required.
4. White Birch developed the Town overall project Budget and tracked it throughout the entire life to closeout.
5. White Birch worked to develop key bidding strategies to attract the best bidders.
6. White Birch prequalified moving companies to handle the books but left it under the control of the GC's.
7. White Birch utilized a new law in NY which allowed projects under $500k to bid to single primes.
8. White Birch had the architect manage the Change Order process and provide the onsite inspections.
A client that had a tight budget and White Birch kept their cost down by adding value where it would have the biggest impact on their dollar. Contact White Birch to see how they can help you.